Dozens of additional goods are being excluded from the Section 301 additional 25 percent tariff on List 3 goods from China. Importers of covered goods should act now to obtain refunds of any tariffs paid on such goods since Sept. 24, 2018. For more information on this process, or on Section 301 tariffs in general, please contact trade consultant Nicole Bivens Collinson or trade attorneys Marilyn-Joy Cerny or Kristen Smith.
HTSUS numbers and products newly excluded from the List 3 tariff are as follows.
– HTSUS 0713.33.1040 (kidney beans)
– HTSUS 0713.50.1000 (broad beans)
– HTSUS 1207.70.0020 (cantaloupe seeds)
– HTSUS 1207.70.0040 (watermelon seeds)
– HTSUS 1209.30.0090 (flower seeds)
– HTSUS 1209.91.6010 (sweet pepper seeds)
– HTSUS 1209.91.8010 (carrot seeds)
– HTSUS 1209.91.8020 (radish seeds)
– HTSUS 1209.91.8040 (cucumber seeds)
– HTSUS 1209.91.8050 (lettuce seeds)
– HTSUS 1209.91.8060 (squash seeds)
– HTSUS 1209.91.8070 (tomato seeds)
– HTSUS 2916.19.1000 (potassium sorbate)
– HTSUS 5603.14.9090, 5603.92.0090, and 5603.93.0090 (other nonwovens of manmade filaments)
– HTSUS 9403.70.4002 (plastic toddler beds, bassinets, and cradles)
– freeze-dried or frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, shrimp, and tubifex worms used as pet feed (described in HTSUS 0511.91.0090)
– dried green seaweed used as pet feed (described in HTSUS 1212.29.0000)
– sodium permanganate in 40 percent aqueous solution (described in HTSUS 2841.69.0010)
– boron carbide in powder form (described in HTSUS 2849.90.1000)
– children’s acrylic paint sets, rock painting kits, and washable tempera paint kits (described in HTSUS 3213.10.0000)
– organic surface-active liquid for washing the skin (described in HTSUS 3401.30.5000)
– toilet seal rings of artificial or prepared waxes (described in HTSUS 3404.90.5150)
– artificial graphite, in powder or flake form, for manufacturing into the lithium-ion anode component of batteries (described in HTSUS 3801.10.5000)
– mixtures of ammonium ethyl carbamoylphosphonate and application adjuvants (described in HTSUS 3808.93.5050)
– refrigerant gas R-421B (described in HTSUS 3824.78.0020)
– silicon monoxide in powder form (described in HTSUS 3824.99.9297)
– washing machine tub seals of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (described in HTSUS 4016.93.5020)
– grommets of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (described in statistical reporting number 4016.99.6050)
– handbags with outer surface of sheeting of plastics (described in HTSUS 4202.22.1500)
– coin purses with outer surface of laminated plastics (described in HTSUS 4202.32.1000)
– garment travel bags of man-made fibers (described in HTSUS 4202.92.3131)
– flooring planks (described in HTSUS 4411.13.2000)
– boxes of wood with hinged top, handle of base metals, and two clasps (described in HTSUS 4420.90.8000)
– wood dowel pins (described in HTSUS 4421.99.1500)
– polypropylene roofing underlayment (described in HTSUS 4602.90.0000)
– diaries presented in a kit also containing a pen and stickers (described in HTSUS 4820.10.2010)
– albums for samples or collections, put up for retail sale in kits also containing cards and envelopes, a glue stick, a stencil, a pair of scissors, stamps, sticker sheets, sparkling gemstones, markers, and pens (described in HTSUS 4820.50.0000)
– rugs of hand-knotted pile, of nylon and polypropylene (described in HTSUS 5701.90.1010)
– prepared painting canvas panel boards (described in HTSUS 5901.90.4000)
– equipment for scaffolding (described in HTSUS 7308.40.0000)
– empty steel drums and barrels (described in HTSUS 7310.10.0010)
– containers of stainless steel of a kind used for the conveyance of beer (described in HTSUS 7310.21.0025)
– screws of stainless steel (described in HTSUS 7318.15.8082)
– portable grills of iron or steel designed for use with both charcoal and propane as fuels (described in HTSUS 7321.11.1060)
– steel cover assemblies with side shields, steel drop-in cooktop assemblies, steel griddles, and steel drop-in burner box assemblies, comprising parts of stoves and ranges (described in HTSUS 7321.90.1000)
– tailor welded blanks of hot-formed steel sheets, cut into D-shaped form (described in HTSUS 7326.90.8688)
– water bottle art kits (described in HTSUS 7616.99.5190)
– tungsten carbide rock drilling core bits (described in HTSUS 8207.19.3060)
– pet identification tags of aluminum or chrome-coated brass (described in HTSUS 8302.49.4000)
– gun safes with digital keypads, of base metal (described in HTSUS 8303.00.0000)
– wind turbine hubs (described in HTSUS 8412.90.9081)
– upright coolers incorporating refrigerating equipment with one swing-type transparent glass door (described in HTSUS 8418.50.0080)
– fuel filters for internal combustion engines (described in HTSUS 8421.23.0000)
– shipping scales of aluminum (described in HTSUS 8423.81.0040)
– portal cranes, each with a jib or operating arm to extend horizontally from the crane and run on rails (described in HTSUS 8426.30.0000)
– self-regulating valves to control fuel pressure for automotive and marine applications (described in HTSUS 8481.80.9015)
– headlamp assemblies for passenger cars and trucks (described in HTSUS 8512.20.2040)
– battery holders for bicycle signaling apparatus (described in HTSUS 8512.90.2000)
– countertop ovens of stainless steel and plastic with convection, bake, steam, and broil functions (described in HTSUS 8516.60.4074)
– resonant circuit tags designed for use with a radio frequency surveillance system (described in HTSUS 8531.90.9001)
– die-cast aluminum alloy running boards for motor vehicles (described in HTSUS 8708.29.5060)
– unassembled non-upholstered chairs with metal frames with seats and backs having a shell of plastics or wood (described in HTSUS 9401.79.0050)
– floor-standing jewelry armoires with locking mechanism (described in HTSUS 9403.60.8081)
The scope of each exclusion is governed by the product description in the attached notice and not the descriptions found in any particular request.
These exclusions, which must be claimed using new HTSUS subheading 9903.88.48, will be retroactive to Sept. 24, 2018, and remain in place until Aug. 7, 2020. Importers may utilize these exclusions for any product that meets the descriptions in the USTR notice, even if they did not request it.

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